For every $50 donated we generate $200 in charitable funds!

A Community Charity, Federally Registered 501c3 Non-Profit Company (Soap Purchase Donation Tax Deductible)

We are a female USMC veteran owned IRS approved charity, your tax deductible donation buying our soap helps you be part of something good and smell nice while doing it. As a 501c3 non-profit company, we generate funds for charitable purposes, 100% of our net profits go to honorably released veterans in need of financial assistance. During their service, those in the armed forces earn money to their GI bill. When activated is designed to keep them financially secure in the community in which they live while going to school during their transition to the private sector. Barbara our co-founder, was a USMC Sergeant Aircraft Rescue Firefighter. After her 4 years of service it took over 9 months to activate something she had earned, designed to keep her protected during her transition. She was fortunate to have friends & family to help her, what about those who don't ? Your tax deductible contribution through the purchase of our soap can be used to pay a veteran utility bill or other such critical need. 

In 2014 at age 34 after surviving stage 3 cancer (melanoma), Barbara starting making her own soap, face moisturizer, and deodorant because she could no longer trust what she was putting on her body. After a lifetime of being a vegetarian, creating her own personal products fell in line with her new life adjustment with skin cancer. After using these products, her husband began giving them away to friends, co-workers, and distributors. As a gift, she made him some beard oil which turned out to clear up much of the complications encountered with facial hair. This is how the soap began, in time we plan to expand, to help as many liked minded humans & their pets as we can live clean, happy, fulfilling lives. 

The Asheville Soaps logo is a federally registered trademark of “The Asheville Soap Company” of Asheville NC who has manufactured this exclusive handmade bar of soap approximately 5oz in weight (measuring almost 3” L x 3" W x 1" H) using 100% limited edition seasonal homemade kosher certified organic chemical free vegan earth friendly materials. Those marked with a doggie paw sticker are limited to carrot, cucumber, and aloe vera safe for humans and their pets. All other of our soaps are made with vegan unrefined virgin Shea butter and oatmeal. Our therapeutic essential oils are manufactured by “Artisan Aromatics” of Western North Carolina. 100% of all our net profits are returned to the community through veterans & their families, feed the children advocacy, and house the homeless initiatives in the locations where the soap is sold & distributed. 

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As a 501c3 non-profit company we accept donations only, we do not use line of credit.


49 N Lexington Ave, Asheville, NC, United States, 28801 (828-367-7563)